The Good Dozen $35


Everyone loves a Good Dozen.


Take advantage of our monthly special! An assorted dozen featuring 3 different flavors EVERY month! Plus, get 1 FREE mystery cookie to sample with every dozen you order for a total of 4 flavors. With over 30+ cookie flavors to choose from, we know its hard to narrow down your choices. This is a great option to sample different flavors every month and allows for a little more variety in your order. You can't go wrong with ordering The Good Dozen. 

Already know what your favorite flavors are? Great! While every flavor from our menu is available to order in minimum quantities of 1/2 dozen (6 cookies) per flavor, save money and buy yourself a dozen per flavor!


Check out this month's featured 3 flavors in The Good Dozen assortment!


Sea Salt Latte (Normally $25 per dozen)

Inspired by our favorite Sea Salt Cream Cold Brew from R3Fresh Juice Bar, this is a cookie for the coffee lovers.  A buttery espresso cookie, dark chocolate chunks, and Maldon sea salt flakes. Why? Because coffee is life.


Bourbon Butter Beer (Normally $35 per dozen)

This is what we imagine Harry Potter's favorite cookie would be.  Made with housemade mesquite candied pecans, smoked cinnamon, honey bourbon, and butterscotch chips.  One of our best selling cookies, and sure likely to be one of your favorites too!


Banoffee Pudding (Normally $32 per dozen)

A cult favorite. What's Banoffee? Banana + Toffee = Banoffee. Banana, toffee, and white chocolate chips, this cookie tastes just like banoffee pudding in cookie form. We're not drooling, you're drooling! Okay, we're drooling too.


Are these flavors not your fancy? Choose from our current flavors for a custom order.


***Nut and Allergy Warning:  Ingredients may contain (or traces of) eggs, wheat, milk, soy, peanuts, walnuts, pecans, or tree nuts.  Cookies are made in a facility that is NOT a nut-free environment.  Although our selection is extensive, we currently do not offer vegan or gluten free options.  Do NOT consume if you have any known allergies, sensitivities, or dietary restrictions to any of the above ingredients.***